PIC18LF56K42T-I/PT stock offer , PIC18LF56K42-I/PT stock offer,2022 April ,New arrival.

PIC18LF56K42T-I/PT, Higerlas has 4800 pieces in stock , DC: 2021+,new and original Microchip assembly house sealed .Packed in reels as 1600PCS/each Reel .it is same as PIC18LF56K42-I/PT.
Higerlas can ship in the same day! david@semibing.com for a quote.thank you.

it is a MCU 8-bit PIC RISC 64KB Flash 2.5V/3.3V 48-Pin TQFP EP T/R
Higerlas has 4800 pieces of PIC18LF56K42-I/PT in hands.
DC: 2021
SPQ: 1600/REEL

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PIC18(L)FxxK42 MCUs integrate a rich set of core independent peripherals, intelligent analog peripherals and large Flash/RAM/EEPROM memories. These 28-, 40- and 48-pin devices also offer a host of low power features, performance improvements and design flexibility options that easily and rapidly enable the complex set of functions required by many of today’s embedded control applications.

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1,PIC10LF322T-I/OT ,SOT-236 ,MICROCHIP ,2022+ , 3000/Reel , Total Quantity: 10823PCS,
Date code: 2231+ , 1000/Reel , ===Microchip Sealed original packaging only.
Date code: 2231+, 3000/Reel, ===Microchip Sealed original packaging only.
Date code: 2231+ , 3000/Reel, ===Microchip Sealed original packaging only.
Date code: 2231+, 3000/Reel, ===Microchip Sealed original packaging only.
Date code: 2224+, 823/Reel, ===Microchip Sealed original packaging only.
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2,PIC18LF56K42T-I/PT, MICROCHIP ,1600/Reel , Total Quantity:4800PCS,
Date code: 2021+ , 1600PCS/Reel,
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4,PIC18F45K40T-I/PT, MICROCHIP, 44-TQFP , 2021+, 2022+ ,1200/Reel , Total Quantity:10400PCS,
Date code: 2134+ ===3 reels===3600PCS,
Date code: 2146+ ===5 reels===6000PCS,
Date code: 2022+ ===Cut Reel=== 800PCS===Cut reel but original belt and packaing.
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5,PIC16F15356T-I/SS , MICROCHIP , 2100/Reel, Total Quantity:8400PCS,
Date code: 2245+ ,2100PCS,
Date code: 2245+ , 2100PCS,
Date code: 2245+ ,2100PCS,
Date code: 2245+ ,2100PCS,
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6,PIC18LF4321-I/PT, MICROCHIP , Total Quantity:160PCS,
Date code:2021+ ,Packing:one Tray,
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